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Events with Taste is the bomb. Is that saying “out” now? Can we still say that? Oh well, we did. We’ve known Michelle and the Events with Taste crew for quite some time, tackling some rad weddings together in the past (have you seen Ruby Falls?). The best part about being great friends with the food crew (besides the killer fun), is the incredible food we have the pleasure of partaking in during weddings and other gigs together. Although we’re not full-fledged foodies, we like to think we are. Who doesn’t like scrumdiddilyumptious food??!!

When Michelle began talking to us about the desire for a promotional film for Events with Taste, we were “in” from the get-go. Digging deeper past the incredible food we already knew and loved, we began to learn so much more about her, the team, and all the hard work that goes into doing what they do. That very thing is often the hardest concept to get across to potential clients (we feel ya, sister!), so we knew we had our work cut out for us. The further we learned, the more we were in awe at the amount of relationship fostering, planning, prep work, menu building, ordering, cooking, transporting, design, serving, and clean up (oh, and multiply that by several events per day oftentimes). That’s just to name the few basics. It definitely smacks you with a reality check when you see all that goes into it, and definitely sheds all kinds of light on why catering costs what it does. It’s soooo worth it.

All that to say, we would love for you to sit back and take in the Events with Taste team and see what’s going down in their world. Oh, and if you have a wedding/event/party/whatever coming up that needs food or design, then look no further.

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Events with Taste | A Catering Company

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