Jay + Renae | A Modern Collective {San Francisco promo}

It’s funny sometimes how word gets around about us. Remember the Bavarian Adventure vow renewal we did last fall? Well, it got passed around the interwebs pretty good (stay tuned and you *might* even see it featured on an insanely rad wedding blog very soon). It just so happens that it made it all the way to the west coast and in front of the eyes of Rebecca Scott, a rad little San Francisco jewelry designer. It wasn’t long after when she reached out to us with her story.

Immediately we could see the passion and heart behind what she’s doing. Rebecca owns Rebecca Scott Jewelry, a tiny company with a huge vision. As she grew her business, she realized something was missing. The busy-ness of life was starting to take away from her real job: being a mother. And from this birthed Jay + Renae, a Modern Collective. And that’s all I’m going to say…I don’t want to ruin the story! :)

We had an incredible time in San Francisco and can’t thank Rebecca enough for inviting us to not only tell her story, but also inviting us into her home for 5 days. We felt like family…and that made a difference in getting to know her, her heart, and her story. It’s the little investments like that from a client that can make a huge difference. So, thanks again Rebecca!

Music licensed by Premiumbeat.com.

Jay + Renae | A Modern Collective - San Francisco Corporate Promo

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