Shea + Josh | Nashville Wedding

So…Shea and Josh. We honestly have so much love for these two it’s hard to even know where to begin or how to express it all without boring all our followers. We first met Shea about a year and a half ago when we filmed the incredible wedding of her sister, Lindsey. Since then, we’ve kept in touch and just absolutely adore their family. Lo and behold, Shea meets Josh, Josh proposes, Shea calls us, and we jump up and down at the chance to tell their story!

Shea, being a photographer herself (By Shea), knows what’s up. When we talked to her about how they can best invest in their own film with toasts and writing their own vows, it was a no-brainer for them. As you can tell from the film, it just wouldn’t be the same without it.

We…LOVE…you, Shea and Josh! Thank you so much for trusting us to tell your story and for being such great friends!

Their details:

Planner/Coordinator: Elements Event Planning and Design
Photographer: Bound By Photography (wedding images)
Band: Boom City
Catering: Adams Station BBQ
Florist: Sango Village Florist

Music licensed by The Music Bed.

Shea + Josh | Nashville Wedding


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  • Shea Wright

    WE LOVE YOU GUYS. Watched it five times in a row already and have cried EACH TIME. We are so thankful to have this and couldn’t be happier that we had you guys there on our most special day. You have given us a priceless gift… a million thank yous!!!!!!!!

  • Joshua Wright

    Aston and Robert,

    You guys are the absolute best at what you do!!
    Thank you so much for capturing this moment for us.
    We will cherish this for the rest of our lives.


  • Sarah B.

    Yep. That is exactly how perfect it was. Just watched this with my family gathered around and even Dad and my sister had tears in their eyes – just like we all did that day. It’s not everyday you get to witness love like Shea and Josh’s, and you have not only done this for them, but others will see this film and know the power of watching these moments captured, preserved, felt..
    Beautiful storytelling.

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